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TriYoga Workshop with Mckenzie

TriYoga Workshop with McKenzie ~ Water Flow ~ Free the Spine This class emphasizes wavelike spinal movements that increase strength, flexibility and energy in thespine as well as the chest, abdomen, shoulders, arms and hands. Level 1 options of this series will be taught as well as modifications. TriYoga Flows (Prasara), a complete hatha yoga method,is the union of posture, breath and focus - or asana, pranayama and mudra. "Through applying the principles of yogaflow, one begins to feel the life-flow. Extension in all directions expands awareness. Relaxation-in-action allows one to maintain balance. Rhythm of body and breath tunes one to the inner dance. Economy of movement cultivates having only thoughts that are needed. Wavelike movements remind us to remain at peace within the pair of opposites."- Yogini Kaliji


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